Nike SF Air Force 1 Hi Boot

Nike SF Air Force 1 Hi Boot

Fancy – Nike SF Air Force 1 Hi Boot

Black Air Force 1 outfit with leather jacket and hoodie

Nike Air Force 1 07 Mid Utility Pack Mud white black double hook AV3803-001 Mens Womens Winter Running Shoes

Kith partners with Nike to shoot an editorial to launch the all-new SF AF-1 collection. The Air Force 1’s classic design has been the foundation for a myriad of reinterpretations. Today, Nike releases one of the most functional utilitarian renditions yet with the SF-AF1. The Special Field Air Force 1 features rugged military-inspired elements such as ballistic nylon, a waterproof finish, multi-purpose interwoven straps, and hidden pockets. This all-new model arrives in both men’s and women’s…


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